Van Van Market

VAN VAN is a street food market set up after a convoy of vehicles (caravans, vans and some small truck) equipped with professional kitchens that present a unique, diverse, and healthy gastronomic offer.

The VAN VAN presents a wide gastronomic variety that intends to break with the stigma that traditionally has been related to the different forms of cuisine made on the street. That is why we vindicate quality, ecological and proximity cooking, respectful with the environment and with affordable prices.

This pioneer gastronomic market began its journey during the Festes de la Mercè 2014 in Barcelona, establishing an open-air meeting point that included typical dishes from different cuisines such as gourmet sandwiches, croquettes, Thai pad, tacos, makis, sushi, ceviche, ice cream, dim sum, hamburgers, curries, butifarres, piadinas, artisan pasta, pastrami, pizzas, burritos, rice and much more.


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