The definition of our identity is determined at two different levels by contextual biological factors as well as our own character, personality and biography. But since the digital era sprout, a new component has aroused and changed the traditional paradigm. Society is now interconnected and collapsed by excessive information and our perception as individuals is defined by this new social context where real time data and overexposure rule the world. This situation represents a big change not only on terms of a new communication network used to define ourselves but also constructing our own persona.

In this selfie and avatars era, where self-perception and identity often come across as self-indulgence and overconfidence, SELF. looks to inspire and provoke a conversation on how artists define themselves in this current contemporary social media ruled context.

SELF. proposes an approach to this conceptual framework using illustration as a basic tool. We asked 20 artists from different nationalities and realities to draw a self-portrait that show us how they see themselves throughout their creative skills. We also asked them questions about identity to complete the collective profile and get a deeper and more personal estimation on the topic.

Curated by: Angelo Palma and Max Porta

Produced by: Soon in Tokyo and Tallers Europa

Co-produced by: ADCE (Art Directors Club Europe)