Devora Lletres

The Devora Lletres is an Off-Sant Jordi open space where different actors of the literature circuit have the possibility of making an alternative proposal. Those attending the Festival this year will have the opportunity to discover the most attractive literary novices out of the circuit of bestsellers and receive personalized advice, apart from having a unique poetic and gastronomic experience.

The Book clinic
A “medicalized” space where readers will be able to receive personalized literary prescriptions by writers and critics to navigate it to Sant Jordi beyond the bets of the great publishing houses.

“Eat your (own) words”
It is a gastronomic and cultural proposal, to feed body and soul, in charge of nyamnyam. Attendees will be able to devour their own writings in a participatory action.

Poetry recitals

Eduard Escoffet coordinates the poetic space with ‘performances’ by Spoken Word by authors such as Alba Rihe, Míriam Cano or Carolina Olivares, and poetic recitals by Anna Pantinat, Joan Vigó and Escoffet himself.

Buffet books

With the presence of the bookshop On the Road, the illustrated book publishing Libros del Zorro Rojo, the cultural association of poetry Labreu, an exhibition of international magazines by Impossible and the presence of the L’Anacrònica workshop, where they will print unique pieces with ‘letterpress’.